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Grid Computing, Compute and Data Storage Services


The development of grid computing is a cutting-edge technology that brings a number of benefits for many Universities and Research Institutions around the world. Grid computing enables Universities and Research Institutions manage Information Technology resources in a centralized multi-core architecture, irrespective of their location in the world. It enables them to solve their ever increasing computing and storage problems. Universities and Research Institutions would undoubtedly enhance the quality of their output, while reducing costs by sharing resources through Grid technology. A number of Universities and Research Institutions believe that grid computing has the capacity to improve research work and other University operations, especially among the growing Institutions in Africa. Nevertheless, many African Universities and Research institutions have not yet embraced and adopted the use of Grid Computing Technology. Accordingly, there is a need for an extensive study in the adoption methods of this technology, especially among NREN member institutions in Sub- Saharan Africa. Study on such Information Technology solutions are needed to align academic processes to improve the utilization of grid computing and reduce the cost of computer hardware and increase in computing power. To examine this, the researchers will adopt a comparative research design to evaluate several related cases and NRENs operations within the region and Uganda in particular. These cases will provide the researchers with a clear difference, the benefits, the implementation method and the challenges of adopting grid computing technology. Subsequently, the NRENs would make use of these results to adopt such technologies.



Grid Computing, Data storage