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    The Future of Open Science: Unlocking Knowledge Together – Open Science Training
    (2023-10-31) Nyirongo, Revelation
    UbuntuNet Alliance under the AfricaConnect3 project invited 20 librarians to participate in a one-day Open Science training session a day before the UbuntuNet Connect 2023 Conference.
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    Libraries In The Age Of Technocoloniality: Epistemic Alienation In African Scholarly Communications
    (2021-05-05) Mboa Nkoudou, Thomas Hervé
    This keynote was delivered during the Critical Approaches to Libraries Conference 2021
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    Digital Surveillance and Digitally-disadvantaged Language Communities
    (2019-12-04) Zaugg, Isabelle
    The issue of digital surveillance often falls outside urgent discussions regarding the need to build digital supports for under- resourced languages. While the benefits of these supports for digitally-disadvantaged language communities are clear, the reality is that standardized script use, standardized spelling, and NLP systems in particular increase a language community’s legibility for digital surveillance. As we build digital supports for Indigenous and minority language communities, we must consider how these tools might be used against them through digital surveillance, and how to combat these risks.
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    Finetuning A Single-Blade Sonic Paper-Cutter As An Energy-Saving Sharpening Instrument
    (2022-02-11) Shava, Kudzai; Hlakudi, Carolline; Postema, Michiel; Carlson, Craig
    Constant usage and exposure to harsh environments results in a blade to become blunt. Two matching circuits were developed to improve the energy efficiency of an ultrasonic single-blade paper-cutting tool, whilst enhancing the sharpness of the blade. The unmatched ultrasonic knife had a measured magnitude of −0.3 dB and a resonance frequency of 251 kHz. The incorporation of a matching circuit significantly improved the magnitude indicating greater power transfer and consequently energy efficiency. The sharpening effect of ultrasound was qualitatively and quantitatively investigated, where both yielded a less tortuous cut under sonication in comparison to the unsonicated case. The addition of a matching circuit further improved the cutting efficiency. At an operating voltage of 10V peak , the cut made by the ultrasonic knife with a matching circuit was less tortuous than even an industrially cut edge, with a linearity of 61–63 % compared to 59 %, respectively.